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Jan 2, 2023
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Hello SlotBot Player!

You may have come across commands that are not on the normal list of SlotBot commands help page. These are cosmetic commands are "skins" of existing commands or systems designed to just look cool! These commands are player owned by the community, and those who have ownership over them may give you access to them.

Custom commands are commands invented purely by the buyer for roleplaying/trolling/roasting purposes. They cannot edit the bot's data or gameplay i.e. they cannot give you money, stun other users, etc. Alias commands are commands that replace existing commands but share the same cooldown and function. For example, an alias command for ~hex called ~slap might say "User#1234 has slapped Target#5678 across the face, stunning them for X minutes and stealing X".

How to make your own: [STATUS: CLOSED ] (See Developer Note)
All alias and custom requests are currently closed as focus for the development team is on v2.0.0

Custom aliases and commands must follow the following rules:
  • Custom response allowing for up to ten messages.
  • Response may send users a private message. However, these messages can be toggled off using ~notify and the bot owner reserves the right to remove this privilege to prevent abuse.
  • The command owner may give or remove its permission from other users at will using the ~ccmd command.
  • Since goose aliases will override the default ~goose response, you may NOT assign them to users who do not consent. This rule does not apply to other types of custom/alias commands.
  • Alias images must be 16:9 dimensions and no larger.

Custom/alias commands may NOT
  • be deliberately and excessively obscene or offensive.
  • exist for the sole purpose of annoying others or causing trouble.
  • mislead/confuse other users, especially newer ones since custom commands look exactly the same as real commands.
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