Regarding the 4/10/2024 Incident


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Jan 2, 2023
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Hi there,

Yesterday we pushed an update to our backend anticheat systems to prevent players from obtaining over the amount of credits on both their geese and the generators. While our systems regarding this worked as we had intended, it had some affects that we had not planned for. When I first took over Slotbot, I had changed the amount of credits a goose should have from LEVEL to (LEVEL - 1), meaning you no longer started with an extra credit to train when you adopted your goose. Due to this change in 2022, the AntiCheat flagged all previously adopted geese that had an extra credit as exploited and blocked the users from further usage. We've deployed a fix and migrated all geese to the current amount of credits allowed, but some users are still flagged by our anticheat. If you were one of 90-ish players affected, read below. We appologize for the lengthy downtime while we deployed and prevented further damage, and will be rewarding players in the coming week once all players are freed from this issue. Join our support server @ for an announcement.

Notice to those who were false flagged by our systems:
Due to the amount of people who have been affected by the anticheat flagging, this will take us time to undo any blacklists the system handed out. Please expect us to take up to a week to fix the status of your account. As said previously, we will be doing a reward for the downtime once all accounts are fixed.
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