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Jan 2, 2023
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Hello SlotBot Player,

Thank you for your interest in keeping SlotBot a safe environment for all players. This report form is for reporting users who have violated our Terms of Service, Discord's Terms of Service & Community Guidelines.

NOTE: This form is NOT for minor rule breakings within SlotHub. If you believe someone has violated SlotHub's Rules & Policies, please inform one if its moderators instead. This is more focused on TOS Violations, and things that have violated U.S Federal Law (Such as Sexualization of Children).

Before we begin, please note that your forums account must be connected to your discord account, to help prevent false reports.
To link your account to discord go here:

To ensure that your report against a player is as accurate as possible, please note the following:
- Any cropped images or videos will NOT be considered as proper evidence.
- Any screenshots must be taken on mobile and the entire screen must be shown.
- Any videos that are taken on a PC, must include you reloading discord at the start to ensure all HTML edits are cleared.
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