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Jan 2, 2023
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SlotBot is receiving a from the ground up, complete recode. Why? Well, lets get some possible FAQ out of the way regarding this major event.

From this point SlotBot will be following version numbers for its patches. This recode will be marked as `2.X.X`
Hows the format?

Example: 2.0.0 would be the start of SlotBot 2.0

During this recode, slotbot will start as 2.0.0 ALPHA then 2.0.0 BETA for the public testing phase, and finally 2.0.0 RELEASE for the released version.

Since I've gotten ownership over SlotBot, I've had issue over issue, with outdated, messy, and very inefficient code. This code has had very limited updates since give or take 2019, and could 100% use a refresher. Seemingly, every time I do a patch to fix a major bug or issue, more seem to pop up. Another reason, is that SlotBot's data system is VERY inefficient, and uses a FILE type, not a real database. This can be VERY costly when it comes to ram usage, and I'd like to get that as low as possible for the future of the bot, and its growth. Because of all the issues, I've decided to recode the bot from the ground up, and make SlotBot much more efficient, and make sure that it has a brighter future. Because currently it is held by duct tape and is very hard to efficiently make changes, updates and bug fixes.

I've decided to do the recode using NodeJS, with Discord.JS v14.7.0 with Postgresql as our database, instead of furthering the bot in Java and using JDA 4.4.0. Why? Well, many reasons, but mainly, I fee that I can make the bot alot better in a language ive been working with on Weebchan for almost 2 years now.

Will SlotBot be down during the rewrite
Nope! SlotBot will run as normal, and no downtime due to the recode will be happening. Hunt away!

Will SlotBot continue Custom Command/Alias Support
Yes! We are planning the entire system to FULLY SUPPORT custom commands and aliases, so that making them is also efficient, and works well with the normal aspects of the bot. HOWEVER, custom commands will only begin being migrated **AFTER** the base bot has been recoded. That way, I can get everything out for testing as soon as possible!

Private Alpha/Public Beta Testing
Well, It's SlotBot 2's time to shine again! We will be using the bot for public and private testing to bug test issues with the recode when the time comes, that way everyone can help test the future of SlotBot! More about testing will be announced when that is ready. So sit tight.

When will the recode be available?
I've begun working with furret on the backend systems and base level requirements a few days ago. There is no even estimate on when this will be done.
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