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Jan 2, 2023
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Hello SlotBot players!

To clear up any confusion, I've decided to start using the forums that were made, to start with a commonly asked question with new members of SlotHub (SlotBot's Support Server). Anyways, as you may have noticed, recently the SlotBot economy has been forcefully set to below 100 digits. Why?

Stability Issues
First of all, SlotBot has had some increasingly concerning stability issues. Now, this will hopefully resolved with the up coming SlotBot 2.0 Recode, but this may take many months to fully migrate to the recoded version. With the economy being at a much lower value, SlotBot has a MUCH lower ram usage average, and can run much smoother with not having to load insanely high numbers.

Along with the obvious stability problems that come with a increasingly high economy like with SlotBot's economy, is many of SlotBot's calculation features, were no longer functioning past 4,000 digits. To keep SlotBot's functions fully working, I held a poll on what to do with the economy in SlotHub, and of course the reduce economy to 100 digits, was the option that won.

SlotBot Recode Notice
To balance out SlotBot's economy during the v2.0 update, I've decided to hold a vote once again in SlotHub. Should SlotBot's economy reset, and the economy be completely rebalanced, with it no longer using "digits" as its main money descriptor. You can cast your vote by joining SlotHub, SlotBot's Community Server to help decide what happens to the economy.

Hope this helps you understand what's been going on with SlotBot's economy!