Appealing a SlotBot Blacklist

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Jan 2, 2023
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Why was I punished?
If your discord account was blacklisted from SlotBot, it means you were in violation of SlotBot's Terms of Service, SlotBot Donation Policy, SlotBot's Administrator Rules, or Discord's Terms of Service/Community Guidelines.

Before we get started, you must have your discord account linked to
Your Connected Forum Accounts (Click Here) (If you logged in via discord, this step is not needed)

How do I appeal this punishment?
If you believe you deserve a second chance, or you believe you were wrongfully punished, you are able to appeal it:
Submit a Blacklist Appeal (Click Here)

Please note that you have one appeal chance regardless of the outcome of the appeal. If your appeal is accepted or denied, please know that you will not get another chance.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Frequently asked questions we have been asked about blacklists and the appeal process.

How long does an appeal usually take to get a response
The appeals process will take around 1 Week to hear to hear the result to ensure we go over your case fully and make a fair decision.

How long do I need to wait after having my appeal accepted
After being accepted, you must wait a minimum of 48 hours. We give the user this amount of time to fully read our policies and help ensure you do not violate them again.

I am currently "Custom Input" banned, what does this mean
It means you were found to be violating our Content Policies (Click Here) with high severity or for multiple offenses. You will no longer be able to use systems that allow custom inputs on commands such as ~petname

What is "Cerberus"
Cerberus is SlotBot's AntiCheat. It's responsible for detecting abnormal behavior on accounts that may not be allowed.
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